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Hello!  Thank you so much for choosing me to document these special family moments in the first few weeks of your baby's life.  It is a passion of mine to work with these adorable babies and their families.  My goal is for our time together to be comfortable and a great experience for your family.  



I recommend feeding the baby right around the time I arrive to your home.  Try to keep the baby awake for an hour or so before I get there.  You can do this by undressing them down to a diaper (babies usually don't care for this and might fuss).  You could also do a bath (sponge bath if cord is still attached). Doing these things will ensure that the baby is sleepy and content for the duration of our session.

You may want to change the baby's diaper right before the feeding as well to ensure that they will be comfortable and able to fall asleep.  

Expect the session to last for approx. 2 hours.  The baby may need to eat more often than normal during our session.  This is because I am moving them around a little more than they are normally used to.  Typically when a newborn is awake, they want to eat.  So we will just go with the flow; if your baby is acting hungry - I will bring them to you to feed.  



For sibling shots with the baby, I recommend a neutral palette for clothing (creams, grays, soft colors). For girls, typically a dress or leggings/tank top looks great.  For boys, typically a white t-shirt and jeans.  Outfits should be casual and not too dressy.  I usually start with sibling shots to ensure that I get big brother/sister at their max happiness.  



I will bring props such as a beanbag, basket, wraps and hats.  You may add another special item or blanket if you would like.